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Share to see transformation of lifes

If we wish more justice in this world, we must be ready to share. To share our resources, our knowledge, our competence and our love. In certain remote regions of Nepal children of very poor families do not have access to education and we know how much this handicaps can affect their entire life. They will be an easy prey for non scrupulous people who will mislead them to sign any contract they will not be able to read.

I would like to tell you the story of one of these children. She was 10 years old when she arrived at the boarding school. She only spoke the dialect from its village but not Népali because it had never been at school. The principal did not want her to be taken because he said: "She is to old to be put to lower grade school and she will never make up the lost time". After having insisted, he accepted to give her particular courses and to put her to first basic year. She caught up very quickly and was put to 3rd class very soon. Since then she was always first at the governmental examination and at the end of 8th class she was even best of 400 children. She just finished her certificate of secondary school end and entered the scientific gymnasium. Later on she would like to to study medicine. She was one of these very gifted children that had never been given the possibility to go to school.

By supporting our project, which already made it possible to 32 children to have access to primary education and secondary school, you form part of those which entered this step of sharing. Thank you very much, you allow children like her to have a better future.