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Life-Projects has the role of sharing human and material ressources. Our vision is to improve the living conditions of individuals in countries in the process of development. We offer our assistance to projects aiming at social justice and sustained development.
Our dream is to see more social justice and durable development. We admit our personal liability and want to enable people to reach the labour market under better conditions.  by a small capital, good formation, good stock management.
Life-Projects is a foundation according to article 80 of the Swiss civil code. Its seat is in Münsingen, Switzerland. It is recorded with the Bernese Chamber of Commerce. The foundation is recognized non-profit-making, of public utility and tax-free.

Bank account No. 0235-698482.40A, UBS, CH-3110 Münsingen   
IBAN: CH360023523569848240A             BIC: UBSWCHZH80A